The trading partner you can count on.

Through decades of experience, we are able to identify, analyze, eliminate, and transfer weaknesses into lucrative creativity.

Trade / Consulting – Metallic –Dismantling / Industrial Decommissioning – Insurance Brokerage

Our strengths outweigh your risks

Not only are we in the center of Europe with good connectivity and good infrastructure, we can also score with economic and political stability.
The numerous high-tech companies, research centers and world-renowned production companies in the direct vicinity can be contacted personally and quickly if necessary.

Additional opportunities are opening up for us through our Far Eastern partner, as project financing can be provided through.


The possible risks which can arise by foreign businesses due to unforeseen events are to minimize, by credit insurance and guarantees in cooperation with Österreichische Kontrollbank AG., if wanted. In addition, the situation and position of the new business-partner Company will be checked on the spot and is strengthened by personal contacts to be developed.


We offer us you as a competent consulting partner in many business matters.


With our insurance brokerage office we can also offer you an uncomplicated issuing of custom number-plates for international vehicle transfers.
The advantage: No TUV (technical vehicle inspection) is required, invoice and vehicle letter sent in PDF document to us are sufficient and you will receive the license plate, registration certificate, and “Green Insurance Card” sent by DHL the next day, not later than 12 noon.

+43 3127 28609

M.N. Schaffer | E.-Werkstraße 2 | 8121 Deutschfeistritz / Graz

Surrounded by many high-tech companies, research centers and world-renowned production companies. With its own intermediate storage area and warehouse. Direct highway connection A9 and S35. From the S-Bahn station in 5 minutes to the company location. DHL Express in the neighborhood. To the airport Graz in 20 min. by car.